Builders & Remodelers Marketing Alliance


Who is the BRMA?

The Builders & Remodelers Marketing Alliance (BRMA) is a group of experienced independent marketing professionals specifically focused on successful marketing for the homebuilding industry. Whether you are a contractor, builder or designer, BRMA marketing consultants know your business and how to reach your customers.

The official alliance formed by the members of BRMA combines more than 50 years of marketing and sales experience operating within the highly developed strategic framework of the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network. This shared knowledge provides a myriad of ideas and tested methods that result in both short- and long-term marketing success. The BRMA philosophy centers on the strong belief that Strategy before Tactics is the best approach to marketing!

What do BRMA members do?

Using the advantages that come with being an Alliance, our marketing consultants continually tap into a proven network of creative minds working together to construct the best in marketing solutions. Solutions that are specifically designed for members of all building trades.

Members of the BRMA have developed, and continue to develop, specific and unique tools that deliver the best return on investment (ROI) for our partners in the homebuilding industry.

Why does working with a BRMA member make a difference?

Our members combine tried and true marketing philosophies with the highly focused needs and specific challenges facing builders and remodelers – working with you to help grow your business.

Have you held off investing in marketing because of the overwhelming number of options and confusing pitches from various search engine optimization (SEO) companies that don’t truly understand your specific needs? Simplify the process of marketing your business by working with A BRMA consultant.

Are you presently investing in marketing but not sure if you are spending wisely or are unsure about your ROI? Let a BRMA consultant show you how to increase your ROI.

Are you frustrated because your competitors are showing up more prominently in local online search engines? BRMA consultants have solutions to help clients find you.

Quantum Point Strategies is your BRMA connection!

As your local BRMA member, Quantum Point Strategies can do your marketing work for you. In addition to expertise in homebuilding industry marketing, Quantum Point Strategies also brings an understanding of the geographic area in which you work and the unique marketing opportunities available. Practical marketing strategies for busy builders and contractors are specialties of all BRMA members. You can continue doing the work you know you love and rely on Quantum Point Strategies to unlock the solutions that will help you grow your business and increase profits through all that is marketing in the 21st century.

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