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Is Marketing for Contractors Different Than Marketing for Other Industries?

Here’s what you need to know about marketing for contractors. Contractors work within an industry that is unique in the depth and breadth of expertise required of them. Few professionals have an obligation to wear as many hats in a day as you do. That’s why marketing for contractors is so different than marketing for […]

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If Internet Marketing Isn’t Part of Your Overall Strategy, Why Not?

Internet marketing has been around for several years, and it’s gone through countless changes during that time. Strategies that worked last year may be obsolete now. Some tactics that got quick results five years ago will put you on the Google blacklist today. And speaking of Google, it seems like they change the rules for […]

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Social Media for the Construction Industry

How Hard Is It to Learn Social Media for the Construction Industry?

Are you interested in learning social media for the construction industry but don’t know where to start?  Know it’s a good way to promote your construction company but worried that you don’t have the time to incorporate it into your schedule? You are not alone. Businesses of all sizes and industries face the same problem. So […]

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Google My Business: The Key to Ranking Your Local Business

For local businesses, ranking your business in Google My Business (the Google maps 3-pack) can be the difference between thriving and merely surviving. All Google products evolve as they find ways to make search better and, let’s face it, make more money from that fact. There are a handful of factors that Google uses to […]

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The Local SEO Playbook – Your Guide to Local Rankings

Look, if you’re a local business, meaning most or all of your business comes from customers living in your community, you must get very serious about local SEO. Don’t worry, ranking locally for the kinds of things your prospects are looking for isn’t rocket science, but it does take a serious commitment to a handful […]

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Tools for Small Business Marketing

10 Tools You Should Be Using for Small Business Marketing

In years past, people who built small businesses had to rely on simple means like flyers and word of mouth to help their company grow. Today, however, there are literally dozens of highly effective tools available to small business owners. From tools meant to enhance your content marketing efforts to those designed to help make […]

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How Instagram Can Improve Your Small Business Marketing

In the world of small business marketing, the company that is the most well-rounded is the one that’s most successful. Because of this, it’s important for small businesses to explore every marketing opportunity available to them and decide which ones are a good fit for the company’s goals, products, and customers. As it stands now, […]

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services marketing needs different strategy than product marketing

Services Marketing-5 Things You Need to Know

Services marketing is all around us. Even if you don’t know that you’re using a services marketing platform, it’s likely that you rely on these things several times a day. Everything from haircuts to content management systems fall into the services marketing category, and it’s virtually impossible to separate our modern lives from the various […]

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5 Local Business SEO Statistics You Need to Know

Are you wondering how you can improve your local business SEO in the coming months? While the world of local SEO changes all the time, these five critical local business SEO statistics can help you stay on top of the game. Read on to learn more. Improve Your Local Business SEO: 5 Important Stats 1. 50% of mobile searchers […]

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Who Needs Digital Marketing Services?

While there are many things that can benefit your business, digital marketing services are some of the most profound. Unfortunately, many business owners don’t realize that they need digital marketing services or, worse, have never heard of digital marketing services before. If you’ve ever wondered how help with digital marketing can benefit your company or […]

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